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11 Jun 2012
Books: The Pass Beyond Kashmir
The Terminators

Reviewing Berkely Mather


Reviewing Berkely Mather

In a writing career spanning over 40 years, Berkely Mather garnered some outstanding reviews for his thrillers.


The Achilles Affair

“One thriller which I can unreservedly recommend to my friends.” – Ian Fleming.

“The reader who picks up this book is destined for a real thrill, but he had better fasten his seat belt.” – Erle Stanley Gardener.

“Among that sparse handful of thrillers that are as intelligent as they are exciting.”– John Pearson (Sunday Times).

“ Brilliantly conceived and packing a really punchy climax.” (Manchester Evening News).

The Pass Beyond Kashmir

“It takes the author triumphantly over the hump of the ‘second book’ and into the small category of those adventure writers whose works I, for one, will in future buy ‘sight unseen’.”  – Ian Fleming.

“You only get one or two thrillers a year – if you are lucky – as good as Berkely Mather’s The Pass Beyond Kashmir.” – Anthony Price (Oxford Mail).

“A first-rate thriller, intelligently and convincingly devised. Every turn and twist in this long, exciting narrative is made credible.” (Evening Standard).

“Mr Mather quite beats A.E.W. Mason and John Buchan at their own game.” (Glasgow Herald).

“A highly intelligent and  articulate thriller.” (John O’London’s).

“This man has a remarkable gift for thrills and suspense.” – Erle Stanley Gardner.

“(Mather’s) thrillers, set for the most part in India with forays into neighbouring territories, are fast-moving, action-packed tales of espionage, written with style and panache and a tremendous sense of the sub-continent’s moods and backgrounds.”  (Whodunit Guide to Crime, Suspense and Spy Fiction).

“I think it is just flat out impossible for Mr Mather to create a series that was not good.” – Randall Mastseller (www.spyguysandgals.com)


“Excellent – once again the sheer atmosphere of India seeps in.” (Financial Times).

“Blazingly untrammelled adventure, action and more action.” (The Times).

“A tough investigative agent and lots and lots of action.” (New York Times).

The Terminators

“Berkely Mather is a craftsman of the first order.” (The Sun).

“Superb characterisation.” (Yorkshire Post).

“Action, action, action…a fine book.” (New York Times).

The Springers

“One of the best espionage novels of the year.” (Publishers Weekly)

With Extreme Prejudice

“Action, pursuit, violence and villainy.” (Oxford Mail).


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