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16 Nov 2009
Books: Apponinted to Die

Booklist review

Charles offers workmanlike writing, a unique plot premise, and an intimate glimpse into the inner workings of the Anglican Church in her latest Book of Psalms mystery. The staff of Malbury Cathedral has established a tightly knit, closed community where everyone knows everyone else's business and it's difficult to keep secrets. Petty jealousies, petty politics, and petty triumphs are grist for the gossip mill within the cathedral close, so when the community learns that their own canon, Arthur Brydges-ffrench, the obvious candidate to become the new dean of the cathedral, has been passed over in favor of Stuart Latimer, an "outsider" from London, the gossips have a field day. To their horror, the cathedral staff learns that the new dean plans to oust many loyal old-timers, destroy the historic cathedral green, and turn the church grounds into a huge office complex. But when Canon Brydges-ffrench turns up dead after a meeting with Latimer, the staff begins to wonder how far the new dean will go in pursuit of his vision. A nicely written, entertaining British novel in the tradition of Charles' compatriot Barbara Pym. Emily Melton

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