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18 Nov 2009
Books: The Lions of the North


Commissioned by William the Conqueror to conduct an extensive survey of his recently acquired kingdom, soldier Ralph Delchard and lawyer Gervase Bret travel to York to settle a series of tangled property disputes. Intrigued by a comely young maiden's claim that her family's estate was illegally annexed by a devious overlord, Ralph and Gervase attempt to gather evidence to support her petition. When one man is fatally mauled by a pair of vicious trained lions and another is strangled, they link the assassinations to the land seizure, endangering their own lives in the process. As Ralph and Gervase prepare to unravel an entangled web of deceit, murder, and treason, they are betrayed by a friend and set upon by the notorious lions of York. Another intriguing and exuberant installment in the Domesday Books series. Margaret Flanagan

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