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Archdeacons Afloat
C A Alington

“A ship in which strange ladies addressed unknown archdeacons by night, and fled screaming at the sight of their faces, was something entirely foreign to his experiences, and promised ill for a peaceful holiday .... Never, since a rural dean (subsequently suspected of hydrophobia) had endeavoured to bite him in the leg, had he had so unpleasant an adventure.”  

The Archdeacons of Thorp and Garminster attempt to join the Hellenic Travelers Club Tour incognito – “their common feeling that gaiters and gaiety went ill together.” “The great thing about Hellenic Tours,” observed Craggs sententiously, “is that you can be reasonably sure that your fellowpassengers won't either wear too little or drink too much - and that's a comfort in these days!” Their fellow passengers turn out to be a much odder lot than he could have anticipated and things start to get awkward when a women passenger seems to recognise one of them.  

Originally published in 1946

Pages: 148
ISBN: 978-1-906288-06-8
Size: 216 X 140
Price: £ 10.99

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