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Time is an Ambush
Francis Clifford

In a quiet Spanish town near Barcelona, the innocent Englishman abroad Stephen Tyler is trying to pursue his career as a novelist and scriptwriter when he stumbles into a relationship with visiting German couple, Erich and Ilsa Scheele. Tyler’s growing attraction towards Scheele’s wife, though, soon proves dangerous, especially when the German’s body is washed up on the beach, for this is Franco’s Spain in the early 1960s, where suspicion runs deep but the scars of the Civil War are even deeper.

A sensitive and haunting tale, Time Is An Ambush is a crime writing master-class in characterisation and the manipulation of tension and unease by one of the most respected British suspense novelists of the post-WW II period.

Pages: 188
ISBN: 978-1-906288-36-5
Size: 216 X 140
Price: £ 10.99

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