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College Crime Series

Crime fiction titles set in a University or academic environment.

The Cambridge Murders - Adam Broome

“ he’s tight” The two undergraduates had been up to London without the formality of getting “exeats” from their tutor. They were returning to their rooms in Silver Street by way of Trumpington Street and in passing down Brookside kept as far as possible in the shade of the tree opposite the Leys School, so as the more easily to avoid the possible attention of the proctors on their final rounds of the town. “Tight or not, we can’t leave him there to drown” ’
The Oxford Murders - Adam Broome

Anything at all unusual came as a relief to Police Constable Merrilees on his dreary beat.’ He flashed his lantern back down the areas of the surrounding houses, and completed the turn off into Little Clarendon Street to complete his patrol. But it was not yet time for him to report back at the Police Station. He determined to have one more look -at close quarters- at the object which had arrested his attention
Welcome Death - Glyn Daniel

Glyn Daniel was born in 1914 and studied at Cardiff University and at St John’s College, Cambridge, where he was awarded a First Class Honours degree with Distinction. He was a Fellow of St John’s and Lecturer in Archaeology in the University from 1948, after holding many other lectureships in archaeology. He was Director of the Cambridge Arts Theatre. In 1941 he was made an F.S.A.. His publications include The Three Ages, A Hundred Years of Archaeology, The Prehistoric Chamber Tombs of England and Wales, The Prehistoric Chamber Tombs of France, The Megalith Builders of Western Europe, and a number of articles in archaeological journals. He also wrote two detective novels. His other recreations were travel, swimming, food, and wine. He died in 1986.
The Case of the Philosophers Ring - Randall Collins

We did not find quite the peaceful college-town atmosphere at Cambridge we had expected. Along the street from the Station the shops were closed and shuttered, although here and there someone peeked furtively from behind a curtain. The streets themselves were deserted, and pieces of litter were strewn everywhere. There were shouts and trampling noises in the distance, in the direction of the colleges. “What can it mean, Holmes?” I exclaimed. “Has the town been invaded by some wild beast?”
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