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14 Jun 2011
Books: Rogue Justice

Household biography

Geoffrey Household (1900-1988) graduated from Oxford and spent much of the 1920s and ’30s travelling the world sampling a variety of careers. He was a junior banker in Romania, an exporter of bananas in Spain, a traveller in printers’ inks in South America and a writer of children’s stories for radio in the USA. After having several short stories published, he was encouraged to write his first novel in 1937 but it was his legendary thriller Rogue Male published in September 1939 which shot him to fame. By that time, Household had already been recruited by British Military Intelligence for a clandestine mission back into neutral Romania to plan the destruction of the Romanian oil fields. He then served as a Field Security officer in Greece, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, the Lebanon and Iraq and ended the war in Germany where he witnessed the last liberations of Nazi concentration camps. After the war he returned to England and settled down to be a writer, though he always referred to himself as a ‘craftsman’ rather than an author, and produced over two dozen books: thrillers, children’s books and collections of short stories.

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