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03 Apr 2012
Books: The Eliminator
The Predator
The Deviator

Jonas Wilde: Under the Covers


Jonas Wilde: Under the Covers
The adventures of Jonas Wilde are being discovered by a new generation of fans more than 40 years since author Andrew York (Christopher Nicole) launched the career of ‘The Eliminator’ in 1966. His early fans were not confined to Britain, however, but could be found in America and across Europe as this selection of dust-jackets and covers shows.
The Deviator, Andrew York    The Deviator, Andrew York
The Eliminator, Andrew York
Segretissimo, Jonas WildeSegretissimo, Jonas Wilde
Segretissimo, Jonas Wilde       Beute für den Henker, Andrew York
The Captivator, Andrew York The Fascinator, Andrew York  The Captivator, Andrew York
The Co-ordinator, Andrew York The Expurgator, Andrew York  The Infiltrator, Andrew York
Tueur-En-Medoc, Andrew York      Tauch-gang in den Tod      The Infiltrator, Andrew York



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