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07 Jan 2010
Books: The Ninth Directive

Adam Hall biographical details

Adam Hall was one of the pseudonyms adopted by best-selling novelist Elleston Trevor. In fact ‘Elleston Trevor’ was originally the pen-name of Trevor Dudley Smith (1920-1995), who found the name so attractive he adopted it legally. He served in the RAF and published his first book in 1943. Over a hundred novels followed, including the international successes such as The Billboard Madonna and The Flight of the Phoenix, which has been filmed twice. As Adam Hall, he is best known for the nineteen Quiller novels beginning with The Berlin Memorandum in 1965 which was filmed with a screenplay by Harold Pinter and starred George Segal, Alec Guinness and Max von Sydow. The book won the Edgar Award for best novel from the Mystery Writers of America and, in France, the Grand Prix de Littérature Policière. Although born in Kent, Trevor lived for many years in France before moving to Phoenix, Arizona in 1973. There is a website established by fans of the Quiller books at www.quiller.net.

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