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11 Nov 2009
Books: Deaths Bright Dart

Shots Magazine

My Foe Outstretch'd Beneath The Tree & Death's Bright Dart by V. C. Clinton-Baddedley

    However, it was not always thus and the small but perfectly formed Print On Demand publisher Ostara is ensuring the finer traditions are not lost forever by making available a series of paperbacks under the Cambridge Crime imprint. Among these are two titles by V.C. Clinton-Baddeley: Death’s Bright Dart and My Foe Outstrech’d Beneath the Tree, which feature the detective skills of elderly Don Dr R.V. Davie, of St Nicholas’ College (a thinly disguised Jesus College).

      Fans of Dr Davie will be delighted to hear that Ostara aim to make his entire canon (there are five novels) available and anyone pining for a ‘Golden Age’ or ‘Fair Play’ detective story peppered with unashamedly digressive dialogue and some wonderfully bitchy academic put-downs, would do well to discover them, for they were in danger of becoming lost gems.

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