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06 May 2010
Books: The Young Man From Lima

John Blackburn Biographical details

John Fenwick Blackburn (1923-1993) was born in Northumberland and graduated from Durham University after service during WWII as a radio officer in the Merchant Navy. He was a schoolmaster in London and Berlin before becoming a second-hand book-dealer and then an author. In all he wrote 26 books: straight detective novels, spy thrillers, horror stories and science fiction, sometimes combining all these elements, but always at a ferocious pace and with a pronounced sense of the macabre. By fans of British horror and supernatural fiction, Blackburn is seen as the link between the work of Dennis Wheatley and James Herbert. His novel Nothing But The Night was filmed in 1973, starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing and one of his later horror novels, Our Lady of Pain was said to have been suggested by (and is dedicated to) Christopher Lee,

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