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29 Sep 2010
Books: The Liquidator

John Gardner biographical details

John Edmund Gardner (1926-2007) was born in Seaton Delavel in Northumbria, the son of an Anglican priest. During WWII he joined the Home Guard at the age of 14 the, in 1944, the Fleet Air Arm followed by the Royal Marine Commandos. After the war he read theology at Cambridge and entered the Anglican priesthood. After five years and a crisis of faith, he turned to journalism. The Liquidator, his first novel, was written as a gentle spoof of the growing James Bond legend and was published shortly after the death of Ian Fleming. Boysie Oakes was original seen as the natural successor to Bond and seven more novels followed plus a film version starring Rod Taylor and Eric Sykes. In the 1970s, the Estate of Ian Fleming approached Gardner to take up the Bond franchise and he was eventually to write more James Bond novels than Ian Fleming had. In all, Gardner wrote over 50 thrillers (also using the name Derek Torry) including a trilogy featuring Professor Moriaty from the Sherlock Holmes stories, the last of which was published posthumously in 2008. A website was established in his memory at www.john-gardner.com.

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