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11 Nov 2009
Books: The Terrible Door
Night of Glass
A Clear Road to Archangel
Snake Water

Rap Sheet

Shots magazine columnist and author Mike Ripley has undertaken an intriguing new venture with Britain’s Ostara Publishing, a print-on-demand house. He says that he’ll act as the editor of a line of reprinted “British thrillers from my youth.” The initial four titles are being made available this month: Snake Water, by Alan Williams; A Clear Road to Archangel, by Geoffrey Rose; The Terrible Door, by George Sims; and Night of Glass, by Philip Purser. “The combined age of our three still-living authors is, I think, 234,” Ripley remarks in an e-note, “but they are very happy to see their books back in print, as is the widow of the late George Sims.”

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