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18 Jan 2011
Books: The Eliminator

The Eliminator on film

The Eliminator on film.

Within a year of publication, The Eliminator was adapted as the United Artists film Danger Route.

    It was a boom time for fictional spies and spy stories both realistic and fantastical. From British sources came films such as You Only Live Twice, Funeral In Berlin, The Quiller Memorandum, Modesty Blaise, Deadlier Than The Male and the first (comic spoof version) film of Casino Royale. From America came: To Trap a Spy, Our Man Flint and The Silencers, and even France produced a super-spy hero in OSS 117: Double Agent.  On television screens, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Danger Man and The Avengers reigned supreme.

    Danger Route starred the ruggedly handsome Shakespearean actor Richard Johnson as ‘The Eliminator’ Jonas Wilde, less than a year after he had portrayed another British spy icon, Bulldog Drummond, in Deadlier Than The Male. [Johnson, now aged 83, not only runs an internet Shakespearean Masterclass website, but also stars in BBC Radio 4’s hit comedy series Bleak Expectations.]

    The film co-starred Sam Wanamaker (who went on to revive Shakespeare’s Globe theatre in London) and a host of established British character actors including: Harry Andrews, Sylvia Sims, Maurice Denham, Patrick Wymark and Gordon Jackson, along with Britain’s home-grown ‘sex-bomb’ Diana Dors. One of the film’s producers was (Lord) Ted Willis, the creator of Dixon of Dock Green.

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