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Cage of Ice
Duncan Kyle

The book which blasted the thriller-writing career of Duncan Kyle into best-selling orbit in 1970; famously (so legend has it) discovered in the ‘slush pile’ of publishers William Collins, its success on publication instantly put Kyle in the same league as Alistair Maclean and Desmond Bagley, at the very top of the British thriller-writing tree. A Cage of Ice is the story of a very cold Cold War, as British surgeon John Edwards finds himself not only implicated in the world of espionage, but actively participating in a plot to rescue a Russian scientist from the clutches of the KGB which involves an international team racing across the frozen Polar Sea and into Arctic Russia itself.

Pages: 204
ISBN: 978-1-906288-71-6
Size: 216 X 140
Price: £ 10.99

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