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Deadly Errand
Christine Green

Introducing Kate Kinsella. Single, almost 30 and a Size 14, Kate is not only a conscientious, caring, level-headed and experienced nurse but also the founder, sole proprietor and only employee of Kate Kinsella - Medical and Nursing Investigations.  When the small Midlands market town of Longborough is shocked by the murder of a quiet, religious young nurse in the grounds of a local hospital, it looks as if Kate has got her first case – and the only person this unlikeliest of private eyes can rely on is her landlord and would-be side-kick, professional funeral director and amateur shoe-fetishist Hubert Humberstone. As the London Evening Standard noted on first publication: “Green’s writing has all the requisite crackle and tension, and she has given Kinsella a partner from heaven – the gloriously weird Hubert Humberstone, local undertaker and rabid foot-fetishist. May their double act run and run.” Whilst the Daily Telegraph raved: “A private eye who sneaks chocolate bars rather than sips from the office bottle. Unlikely heroine comes through with flying colours.”

Pages: 191
ISBN: 978-1-906288-75-4
Size: 216 X 140
Price: £ 10.99

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26 May 2012     Christine Green Biography     Article

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