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29 Aug 2010
Books: Black Camelot

Barry Forshaw Review

Black Camelot

Duncan Kyle

Ostara/Top Notch Thrillers

If the name Duncan Kyle is these days unfamiliar to most thriller readers, that’s a shame – he was a writer of considerable technical skill, with strong, sinewy storytelling instincts. Those qualities are fully in evidence in this welcome reissue. The time is 1945, the setting Germany. The Third Reich is reaching is bloody end. A Waffen SS commando is on the run; in his possession, a crucial list of traitors and Nazi collaborators; this is the plot engine of Kyle’s’ eminently readable novel. It’s a book that enjoyed much success on its first appearance in 1978, and it would be evidence of modern readers thirst for something substantial in the field if that success were to be echoed in the 21st century.



Editor of  The Rough Guide to Crime Fiction (2007) and  British Crime Writing: An Encyclopedia (2009).


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