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Mr Campion's Farthing - Philip Youngman-Carter

Inglewood Turrets in the leafy outskirts of North London, a cross between St Pancreas Station and Holloway Gaol, is where the formidable Miss Charlotte Cambric recreates Victorian elegance for foreign culture-vultures. Vassily Kopeck, the half-Russian, half-Polish physicist and an ‘attaché of sorts’, disappears after a visit to The Turrets and becomes a much-wanted man. Leading the hunt on one side is Russian ‘diplomat’ Moryak, on the other, L.C. Corkran of British Security, very ably assisted by Mr Albert Campion and – making his debut – Campion’s son Rupert, determined to support his father in proving that knight errantry is not yet out-of-date…
Mr Campion's Falcon - Philip Youngman-Carter

In The Drover’s Arms, a four-star upmarket country pub in the Cotswolds, a visitor dies of natural causes and is identified as Matthew James Matthew, a retired engineer and enthusiastic amateur archaeologist who seems to have no immediate family or friends and whose background is vague to say the least. Then the pompous and self-important innkeeper of the Drover’s Arms is found dead in very suspicious circumstances miles away, near an archaeological dig in in Suffolk. Can these two deaths be linked to the disappearance of the brilliant but unstable geologist Francis Makepeace? Albert Campion thinks so and Margery Allingham’s famous and much-loved ‘Golden Age’ detective is rarely wrong when it comes to a mystery as he heads a cast of delightful (and not so delightful) characters in the hunt for the missing geologist. There’s L.C. Corkran, formerly of the Security Services but whose retirement “has been greatly exaggerated”; the cool-headed, independent Miss Anthea Peregrine; the love-struck schoolboy Robert Oncer Smith; the rather dubious antique-dealer Morris Jay; known thug and small-time villain Ginger Scott and Inspector Appleyard, a boorish Suffolk policeman; plus the grotesque, repellent and very dangerous Claude Porteous.
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