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Escapade - Walter Satterthwait

Introducing ‘The Pinkerton Pair’ – the cool and urbane Phil Beaumont, detective with the famous Pinkerton Agency, and Miss Jane Turner, an innocent English rose anxious to walk on the wild side of life. It is the summer of 1921 and the guests are arriving at the stately country house (haunted, of course) of Lord Purleigh in Devon; among them a Viennese psychoanalyst, a mysterious medium there to conduct the obligatory seances which were all the rage, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle the creator of Sherlock Holmes and the great escapologist and showman Harry Houdini. Ostensibly hired to act as Houdini’s bodyguard, following threats from a jealous fellow magician, Phil Beaumont finds himself casting a wise-cracking American eye over English high society whilst dealing with the energetic attentions of Lady Purleigh’s daughter and having to solve the murder – in a locked room – of the wheelchair bound head of the family, the Earl of Axminster. With assistants such as Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini, the case should not be difficult, though of course it is, but the one who shows the most promise could be Jane Turner… When published in the USA in 1995, the Los Angeles Times called Escapade: ‘A classy and classic whodunnit…A seemingly effortless, beguiling style and a mesmerizing story smartly told.’ This will be its first UK publication.
Masquerade - Walter Satterthwait

Masquerade – by Walter Satterthwait The second case for ‘The Pinkerton Pair’: Phil Beaumont, the laconic professional (“Are all the Pinkertons as good looking as you are?” “All of them,” I said. “It’s a requirement.”) and the innocent, but far from naïve Jane Turner who is keen to earn her spurs with the famous detective agency (“I am not only a femme fatale, I am also a Pinkerton.”) The pair are employed to investigate the death of rich American publisher Richard Forsythe, supposedly killed as part of a suicide pact with his German lover in his Paris apartment. As Jane Turner travels undercover as a governess with members of the family across France, Beaumont is plunged into the heady world of 1923 Parisian society and underworld, literally, from the elegant cafes down into its sewers and catacombs. It is a world populated by famous and often dangerous eccentrics, including the socially inept and fantastically clumsy Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, Erik Satie, James Joyce, Pablo Picasso, Sybil Norton – an English detective novelist famous for her book The Mysterious Affair at Pyles – and Henri Ledoq, a French policeman with more interest in fine wines and gourmet dining than in detection. First UK publication.
Cavalcade - Walter Satterthwait

Germany 1923 and that seemingly ill-matched pair of Pinkerton detectives Phil Beaumont and Jane Turner are facing their most dangerous assignment. In a Berlin park, supposedly at a secret meeting, a little-known but on-the-rise German politician is the target of an assassination attempt and the Pinkertons are hired to track down the sniper. The first question they face is just who is this Adolf Hitler and why would anyone want to kill him? It turns out, quite a few people, not the least some in his own fledgling National Socialist party (and not to mention a passing Englishman called Household). A trail of murders lead ‘The Pinkerton Pair’ from Berlin night clubs such as the Mikado Bar and the Black Cat Cabaret, which offer rather specialised entertainment, to an Institute of Sexology and then, after changing trains with a certain Mr Norris, to Bayreuth and Munich to meet, among others, the Wagner family, Rudolf Hess and Hermann Goering, accompanied by Hitler’s best friend Putzi Hanfstaengl, who may not be the genial host he pretends to be. First UK publication.
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