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Cambridge- Myriad of Misdeeds - Pippa Macallister

Imagine the tranquil scene of punts gliding along the river Cam, students strolling out of ancient buildings and lurking in the shadows the odd deadly fellow. The city of Cambridge provides a rich resource for writers of detective stories, with the colleges of Trinity, St John’s and Kings’s sharing the distinction of being the most popular. Cambridge-Myriads of Misdeeds catalogues crime, thriller, and mystery fiction titles that are either set in or have a Cambridge association reminding readers of old friends and books they may have missed. A valuable and enlightening resource for lovers of Cambridge.
The XYY Man - Kenneth Royce

Spider Scott is a cat burglar – and a very good one - diagnosed as having an extra ‘Y’ chromosome which predisposes the carrier to a propensity for crime and anti -social behaviour. Fresh out of prison (again), Spider is offered job by British Intelligence which, as it involves burglary and safe-cracking, is right up Spider’s street. The object of the robbery is to recovery a photograph and documents which could incriminate the current Foreign Secretary from a safe deep inside the Chinese Legation in London.Unfortunately for Spider the KGB and the CIA are also keen to acquire the contents of the safe and the Chinese are determined to get them back.Caught in an ever-tightening web and seemingly out of his depth, Spider is harried and chased around a dark and dangerous London with only his underworld contacts and criminal skills to rely on, all the time under the suspicious and unforgiving eye of his nemesis, Detective Sergeant Alf Bulman. Kenneth Royce’s 1970 novel gave birth to not one, but three popular television series: The XYY Man starring Stephen Yardley as Spider Scott ran on ITV 1976-77 and then the character of DS Bulman, played by Don Henderson, appeared in the series Strangers (1978-82) and then, as a private investigator, got his own spin-off series Bulman (1985-87).
The Concrete Boot - Kenneth Royce

A case of treason ‘which would make Burgess, MacLean and Philby appear like schoolboys sneaking to teacher’, a violent but extremely patriotic Soho gangster with an unhealthy interest in the workings of Heathrow airport and notorious cat burglar fished out of the Thames, his feet tethered in concrete. Connecting them is Willie ‘Spider’ Scott, a man cursed with the ‘XYY’ chromosome which genetically predisposes him to a life of crime. Spider is trying to go straight, running the XYY Travel Agency, but it is his skills as a criminal rather than a travel agent which appear to be most in demand.
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