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Cambridge Crime Series

A College Mystery - A P Baker

Christ’s College, Cambridge, is the location of this intriguing ghost story which relates to three people: one life was destroyed, another ended, and the happiness of the third ruined. Why did four eminent residents of the Fellows building –who claimed to have witnessed an apparition refuse to have their full names revealed? Why did Christopher Round prohibit publication of his records for at least fifty years after his death?
The Punt Murder - Aceituna Griffin

‘The punt had been hired for the summer. The Atkins had got one with a frame work on which a cover could be fitted in case of rain. The tarpaulin had been removed from the main part of the boat, and lay in a heap in the stern’
The May Week Murder - Douglas G Browne

Murder was bad enough, and a murder in Cambridge, of all places, and in May Week, too, was worse; but what really put the tin hat on it was the baronetcy and the Bath and the Carlton.
Trouble in College - F J Whaley

A group of undergraduates form a club for the purpose of committing crimes which cause no permanent harm to persons or property; but when an unexplained robbery is followed by a sudden death they feel they are getting more than they bargained for. You are invited to spend a week at St Chad’s, Cambridge, and meet an amusing yet typical group of dons and junior members who become involved in a succession of baffling mysteries.
The Cambridge Murders - Glyn Daniel

Glyn Daniel was born in 1914 and studied at Cardiff University and at St John’s College, Cambridge, where he was awarded a First Class Honours degree with Distinction. He was a Fellow of St John’s and Lecturer in Archaeology in the University from 1948, after holding many other lectureships in archaeology. He was Director of the Cambridge Arts Theatre. In 1941 he was made an F.S.A.. His publications include The Three Ages, A Hundred Years of Archaeology, The Prehistoric Chamber Tombs of England and Wales, The Prehistoric Chamber Tombs of France, The Megalith Builders of Western Europe, and a number of articles in archaeological journals. He also wrote two detective novels. His other recreations were travel, swimming, food, and wine. He died in 1986.
The Boat Race Murder - R E Swartwout

‘ There was a rush at the door, which gave way with a splintering of wood. Torn from its hinges, the door fell inwards, and the President, Savago, Owen Lloyd, and Tom Scoby were precipitated headlong into the bathroom.’
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