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Whilst continuing to expand its core interest of reissuing great British thrillers and crime novels, Ostara Publishing is launching an entirely new imprint, OSTARA ORIGINALS, which will publish new crime and mystery fiction from authors with a proven track record in the genre. Using the latest Print-on-Demand techniques, Ostara Originals will appear simultaneously in hardback, trade paperback and eBook editions.

Callan Uncovered - James Mitchell

A ‘must read’ for all fans of the iconic television series Callan. The first-ever compilation of Callan short stories written by creator James Mitchell between 1967 and 1976, never published in book form before. Callan Uncovered also includes a Mitchell Outline Treatment for a Callan episode and a previously unseen full-length script – Goodbye Mary Lee – which was never filmed. Edited by Mike Ripley, with a special introduction by James Mitchell’s son and literary executor, Peter.
Callan Uncovered Volume 2 - James Mitchell

Following the success of the Callan Uncovered anthology Ostara, working with a network of dedicated Callan fans have uncovered a further 15 short stories written by James Mitchell for the Sunday Express, including the very first one commissioned: File on the Happy Hippy from September, 1970 when the iconic television series was at the height of its popularity. These 15 stories have never been reprinted or collected in book form before and will be augmented in this second collection by the James Mitchell script of an early Callan episode Goodness Burns Too Bright, reconstructed by editor Mike Ripley. Broadcast on 29th July 1967 as part of the first series, no known copy of Goodness Burns Too Bright is thought to exist, making it one of the infamous “lost” episodes.
I Meant To Be A Lawyer: A Family Memoir - Janet Cohen

Janet Cohen actually meant to be a barrister and swank around impounding oil tankers like her mentors at Cambridge, but her plans did not survive the first contact with the twin enemies of a male dominated society and the need to fit her life around love and marriage. This is the story, familiar she hopes, to many capable women, of the zig-zags necessary to find and keep a successful career and a loving husband and family. She tells it like it was, the often desperate and only partially successful efforts to keep a career and a marriage and later a family all going at once. This is a story of a long and unusual working life starting with scenario writing for the US Department of Defence in the Vietnam war and moving through a career in the civil service to a merchant bank and multiple non-executive directorships, including a spell at the Ministry of Defence and a long run at the London Stock Exchange Group, to the House of Lords as Labour Peer and the people she met on the way from Tiny Rowland to Margaret Thatcher and John Major to (Lord) George Robertson. Her career story is interspersed with a deeply personal account of her family of origin, a long and loving marriage and the difficulties and pleasures of rearing three lively talented children all of whom refused to go anywhere near any career favoured by either of their parents.
Tales on the Off-Beat - Philip Youngman Carter

The husband and life-long collaborator of Margery Allingham, one of the truly great British crime writers, Philip (‘Pip’) Youngman Carter was a prolific journalist, artist, book-jacket designer and short-story writer. For the first time, Tales on the Off-Beat collects the best of his short fiction, from rare stories written whilst a serving army officer in the Western Desert in WWII to his best-known tales of the unexpected, the mysterious and the downright spooky, which appeared in Argosy and Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine 1959-1963. Edited by Mike Ripley, who completed Youngman Carter’s unfinished Albert Campion novel as Mr Campion’s Farewell in 2014, with an Introduction by Barry Pike, Chairman of the Margery Allingham Society.
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